Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Destiny Ring

This is a ring I love and want. Mine and Chris's "song" is God Blessed the Broken Road and this just completely matches those sentiments. It's a Destiny ring.

"Destiny: Some things that happen in our lives feel like destiny. We meet certain people or go to certain places and feel like we were meant to. This lovely ring holds tribute to those things in our lives that are meant to be. The wires represent the many different paths we take to get there."

This would be a great anniversary gift from my wonderful husband. Hint hint.

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been a while hasn't it

Work has made blogging at work nearly impossible. With the exception of a few days where most of the office is out, like today, I can't do anything personal on the computer. PITA I tell you. It's like they expect me to work or something. ;-)

Anywho, nothing much has changed. We're in a pretty nice state of happy right now.

Friday I took off work so that I could prepare the house for Derek's 1st birthday party on Saturday. Holy mother effing hell. I completely understand why people have parties at event centers. Albeit, our house desperately needed the deep cleaning it received (our bathroom especially) but there was so much to be done to prepare. It took me back to the wedding preparation days! MIL came over and was such a huge help watching Derek and helping me clean. The party went off without a hitch. Funny story, Chris nearly burned the house down because our grill has issues and he turned it off because it was out of control and it was still burning crazy a half hour later. We had plenty of food and my mom made the cutest monkey cake that everyone loved. It was fabulous. I just can't believe my sweet baby is turning one.

A not so funny story, while out shopping yesterday for a baby shower gift, I recommended some swaddling blankets (Circo brand 3 pack 42" x 42", best things EVER next to the Miracle Blanket) and one of the women asked how old Derek was. I told her he was about to be a year old. She looked at me and said "oh and is he getting company" aka knocked up. WTF. I so wish I'd thought fast enough because as we walked away I told Chris "nope, I just had too much at Olive Garden and have to poop" but apparently look knocked up. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. Reminder to self: do not ever, ever, EVER ask if a woman is expecting unless you can see the head crowning or are absolutely certain beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Chris is still happy with his job, although it's outdoors and it's nearly 100 degrees everyday outside. My job is still going ok, the drive is long but Atlanta traffic sucks whether you live 10 miles away or 60. I'm just lucky to have a job right now and keep reminding myself of that.

Things did get a little interesting this weekend with my Dad's side of the family but I'm trying not to think about it and stay in my blissful happy state. The IL's have a potential buyer for their house and they've agreed that if it sells they'll buy our house and we'll move. It'll give them a cheaper mortgage and allow us to get closer to my job. Win-win. We were planning to move into my parent's in-law suite in their house for a while to help with debt but now there might be a kink as the drama with my Dad's side of the family includes my brother moving home. There's just more to consider right now.

Holy long venting post. There's the catch up for now.