Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Party in our crib

This past weekend was full of recuperation from the crazy sinus sickness that had taken over Derek and myself. Sunday was spent sleeping in, watching tv, napping, eating, oh and more sleeping. So of course when bedtime rolled around neither the mister or myself was the least bit tired. We decided to catch up on Big Brother and watch the Emmy's. BIG mistake. We went to sleep about 11 and when the alarm clock went off at 5, I knew for sure there had to be some error with Chris's phone. Wrong. Time to rise and shine. We make it through the day and decide it's going to be an early night. We're all in bed by 8:30 and ready to get some much needed sleep. Sounds blissful, right? Wrong. Again.
Derek decided it was the night to party in the crib. At ONE AM folks. Granted, by that time I'd probably slept almost as much as the night before by that point, but ya'll it didn't feel like it.
After stumbling into the kitchen and making his milk, I pick up child who is screaming like the boogie monster was giving him the stink eye, and attempt to feed him and rock him back to sleep. Attempt being the key word. He decided 4 sips into his milk that it was absolutely evil and started flailing around like a fish out of water. I put it away and rock him to sleep. I attempt to put him in his bed. Attempt fail. Again. As soon as I start putting him in his bed, he's screaming bloody murder again and wide awake. I pick him back up, rinse and repeat. Once he's asleep in my arms, I attempt to put him in his bed. Attempt fail. Round 3. Sensing the pattern? This time he's wide awake sitting in his crib just looking at me like I'm the nut job. He starts making his "hungry" face. Lovely. Since I'm wide awake at this point too I feed him some food and put him down to put it away. He starts playing like it's the normal thing to do at TWO AM.
This is when I win mother of the year. Since he is in heaven playing with his toys on the floor, I screw it and put them with him in his crib. All of a sudden silence. The angels start singing. Then I go to bed. Parenting fail for most everyone else. But for me in my sleep deprived state, it was the perfect solution. He's safe in his crib and happy as a clam. I can hear him on the monitor should the boogie man resurface.
Now I just count the minutes until early bedtime, yet again, and pray there isn't another party in our crib tonight.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is a horrible diagnosis for anyone, much less an innocent child. There aren't many people that haven't in some way been effected by cancer. Unfortunately, most of us have been touched by this disease and my heart goes out to those still fighting.
Every day 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. Every single day. Here's something we can do to make it a little easier for children who are diagnosed. Gabe's Chemo Duck donates Chemo Ducks as a therapy tool to help them understand cancer treatment.
Reach out and sponsor a Chemo Duck. Cancer is scary and Chemo Duck can help make it a little easier.
Here's a little info from the website.


Just after his first birthday, Gabe's mother, Lu Sipos, made the very first Chemo Duck for him. She thought he could use a companion to take to the hospital, one with whom he could share his journey back to health. Chemo Duck turned out to be a best friend and much, much more!

Together, Gabe and Chemo Duck learned all about living with cancer and explored what cancer treatment means to a small boy and his Duck pal. Gabe learned not to be afraid as he took loving care of his Chemo Duck and treated him for cancer of the beak. Gabe administered a series of aggressive beak brushings and several rounds of Play Dough Chemo to his sick playmate.

Together, Gabe and Chemo Duck learned all about living with cancer and explored what cancer treatment means to a small boy and his Duck pal. Gabe learned not to be afraid as he took loving care of his Chemo Duck and treated him for cancer of the beak. Gabe administered a series of aggressive beak brushings and several rounds of Play Dough Chemo to his sick playmate.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

This week has been so long but so short at the same time. So much so that I woke up this morning thinking it was only Wednesday because Monday lasted forever but Tuesday flew by with craziness.

Here are just a few things I'm grateful for today.

1. That I'm alive. I made a big splurge purchase that could have possibly waited but the deal was so great and I don't know if it'll happen again. I was certain the hubs was going to kill me. But I'm so excited about the purchase. Hehe.

2. Derek's been working with his hands a lot and focusing on fine motor skills and he's shown such great improvement. Just in the short few weeks since the initial therapist visit, he's improved much more than I thought he would in such a short time. He is now taking rings off the stacker and stacking them back on. At the visit, he couldn't even grasp them to take them off. YAY! He's also picking up small puzzle pieces. Before the appointment, he couldn't even pick up large knob pieces. I'm so proud of him!

3. Space heaters! Compared to the hubs outdoor work environment, I might as well work in a meat locker. They have my office so cold I wear long sleeves and 2 jackets. Today I borrowed a co-workers space heater. Ahhhhh, I can feel my toes again.

4. My Mom and Mother-in-law. I am eternally grateful that circumstances worked out so they could alternately keep Derek during the week. It was as if it was meant to be. This might be coming to an end but I hope they know how much it has meant to me to know that he was in the most loving hands imaginable and he was so well taken care of.

5. My "Derek flowers" that my Mom made with Derek for me for Mother's Day. It's his hands and feet cut out into "flowers" They sit on my desk and everyday remind me why I bust by butt and answer to the evil boss lady. I treasure them and they can always make me smile.

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parenting words of wisdom

"A parent's only as good as their dumbest kid. If one wins a Nobel Prize but the other gets robbed by a hooker, you failed."
Courtesy of Shitmydadsays. The old man is so funny!

This seriously made me laugh out loud. Happy Tuesday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our marathon Grandparent visit

This weekend was filled to the brim with love, fun, and relaxation.
We spent the night Friday with the IL's and Derek played with toys and "chase" with everyone until he passed out. The rest of us played cards until we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore.
Saturday we ventured over to my parents to spend the night. Derek played with his new buddy Ian and had a great time with his new walking toy. I think he walked up and down the hallway half a dozen times at least but he loved every second. After he again passed out from pure exhaustion, the adults watched tv and played a short game of cards. Seriously, I think we're all addicted to cards, or maybe just competitive.
After we went home Sunday the 3 of us took a family nap time. This probably wasn't the greatest idea since both Chris and I had a hard time falling asleep. Him more so than me though. He has his sleep study consultation on Friday so we're truly hoping that we're able to resolve his sleep issues.
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Possibly a break?

Chris has a potential job that should everything go great and he get it and start, I think would be awesome. For him, for us, and for our family.
It would allow us to possibly commute again. I loved that time together (and the sleep! hehe)
It would be better pay. If anything over the past year I've learned that money doesn't = happiness. However, if he's happy at this job and the money is better, it's all win.
It would be Monday-Friday. This is a must and a great pro. He might have to work a Saturday every 10 weeks or so but nothing regular.
He wouldn't be working outside 24/7. It would involve some outside work but also a good bit of indoors time to balance it out.
Please say a little prayer or wish or positive vibes, anything, for us. Thanks!

Monday, August 9, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

You have baby crack teething tablets, batteries, and baby fingernail clippers in the tiny side pocket of your purse. LOL.

This weekend was a brilliant mix of blissfully busy and sleeping in lazy.

Saturday we spent all day from breakfast to dinner out and about.
First stop - The Learning Express to see about some puzzles and blocks for Derek. Big fail. But he got a cool musical toy that will help teach him a better grip that he loves.
Second stop - Five Guys where we thoroughly enjoyed some burgers and Derek had his first Five Guys grilled cheese.
Fourth stop - Abbadabbas to see about some shoes for the hubs
Fifth stop - We then went to visit Ikea. I thought this would be fun and we could look at mattresses, because really you guys, we need a bigger bed. I failed to think that all the colleges were starting soon and that with it being 100+ degrees outside everyone might be hitting up Ikea to decorate their dorms and avoid the heat. Holy anxiety attack waiting to happen for Momma. Crowds and I, we're not friends. I think I whizzed through that place quicker than ever before. And I love me some Ikea. It was BAD.
Sixth stop - Still on the hunt for small wooden blocks for Derek. Fail. But he did get some of the cutest little big boy shoes. And Momma might have shed a tear that he isn't in the baby shoe section anymore.
Seventh stop - Toys R Us was our last chance rodeo search for blocks for Derek. Luckily we struck gold and finally found some small squares that were in a big set of wooden blocks.
Eighth stop - Exhausted and starving with a side of aching feet we stopped at Olive Garden where we all engulfed salad, breadsticks, and spaghetti. Yum yum!

Sunday was the exact opposite of Saturday. To recover, we fed Derek when he woke up early and the hubs and Derek went straight back to bed. I was wide awake but finally able to sleep again for about a half hour before Derek was back up. We played and watched tv and napped all day long. Grandma D and Papa came to pick up Derek to spend the night with them leaving Momma and the hubs to hit the sack early after watching Big Brother and some Sunday night football.

All in all, a great weekend!

Friday, August 6, 2010

It figures it's Friday

I think I sense a new trend starting and I'm not a fan. Every Friday for the last 3 weeks Derek has had one ailment or another that shows up out of the blue. Luckily this one started yesterday and got worse this morning. The first trip was strep throat, no fun. Second trip, allergic reaction to amoxicillin (like me) with a strawberry rash all over. This time, he has a new rash that looked like diaper rash at first (although he's never had bad diaper rash...knock on wood) but now is on his arms.

Let's just hope this is the end of this trend.

I'm ready for a nice relaxing weekend, please please please. I want to take him to Toys R Us and then just nap, eat, and play all weekend.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

I'm back. Work has been very hectic lately since we went through a huge audit and I was busting my butt trying to save us from failing. It wasn't an option if I wanted to keep my job.

Anywho, here's what I'm thankful for on this lovely Thursday.

1. A lovely day off with my boys yesterday. Even going to the physical therapist with Derek was fun.

2. Chick-fil-A...nuff said.

3. We have no set plans this weekend and I LOVE it. I'm so looking forward to sleeping in.

4. Seeing my baby boy's sweet face looking up at me from his crib this morning just smiling away. Even though it was 6am. I'll never tire of that.

5. I have an excuse to go shopping for toys!! Developmental/educational toys to help Derek with his fine motor skills more, but whatever, I'm excited over any excuse to shop!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?