Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fa la la la's holiday cards time again!

We’re now down to 50 days until Christmas. I can feel the stress seeping into my body as I’m typing that out. There is so much going on this year. Luckily, holiday cards aren’t one of those stresses. I’ve been in love with Shutterfly for years now and they never cease to amaze me. They always have great deals on pictures and their holiday cards rock. We usually try to take our own holiday pictures and this will be the second year we’ll get to take them with Derek and the first year we’ll take them as a family of four. Next year we’ll have to manhandle a toddler and a baby into looking at the camera. Now THAT stresses me. Here’s some of the holiday cards I’m looking into, let me know what you think.

You all know I had to have a penguin card option, come on now!!

Now go check out the options for yourself and tell me if you find others you like better and get some ideas for yourself. While there are 50 days until Christmas, if you’re a perfectionist (which I am not by any means so ya’ll shouldn’t expect your cards on time), you should have your Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving which means you really only have 22 days! Twenty-two!! AHHHHH. Now you can freak out and stress too.

Go look for yourself at the great cards they have to offer:

And if you’re thinking of a cute Christmas idea, they do great picture calendars you should look into.

Now run get started, only 22 days!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Awwww! Our own little Charlie Brown. I can see how parents get exhausted trick or treating. There were 2 nights of it since some places like our neighborhood do Saturday night and some places like my parent's neighborhood do Sunday night. Wowza. Derek loved it all though and soaked up his share of people watching and suckers. Playing in a pumpkin this year, not so much. He hated that with unwavering passion and every part of his being. I might as well start saving up for that therapy session.

Gussy now has Christmas stockings. I was loving everything on her homemade holiday gift guide today and then I just keeled over after I saw her stockings!! If this is day one, I might not be able to make it through all three days!

{photo courtesy of}

It's November 1st. There are 53 days til Christmas ya'll!! AHHHHHH!

{photo courtesy of Shanty2Chic}