Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's talk convertible car seats

Why does every single baby purchase have to have 686,344,589,315,213,715,849,642 options?

There are so many items you have to purchase after having a baby, from the stroller, crib, playard, bottles, carriers, bouncy seats, exercausers, high chairs, the nipples (don't even get me started on the entire aisle of silicone, latex, slow flow, fast flow, variable flow, wide neck, standard that is not really standard as it doesn't fit every bottle!!, wide touch, ventaire, COME ON PEOPLE!!) etc.

So when the time came to purchase a convertible car seat for Derek, I started researching the best buy. This entailed finding the safest seat for the best buck for my frugal (read cheap & broke) happiness. Oh my sweet Jesus, there are so many seats to choose from my eyes are crossed and I have a headache. When I went to BRU website there are already 29 different options, just within one brand of carseats. Seriously, seriously?!

There are so many variables, just as with the nipples.
- rear facing weight limit
- cup holders (a plus for sippy cups)
- latch installation availability
- SIP (aka side impact protection)
- forward facing weight limit
- ease of installation
- side handles
- 15+ brands to choose from!!
- 2+ options within each brand (Britax has 8)
- shut the front door, there are about several different color choices per seat

Just to name a few!

We currently have a Britax Boulevard that I'd highly recommend to anyone however, since Britax is considered God in the convertible carseat safety world, it has a hefty price tag. I was able to get that one on clearance since the color choice was being discontinued but holy mother trucker sticker shock for full price ($309)!!! I highly recommend stalking online stores for deals.

However, it'd be awesome to find a great seat at a better price. And before you start throwing the flames, I know, I know, you cannot put a price on your child's safety. I get that. Like I said, I'm just trying to get the best bang for my near non-existent buck.

I think I'm torn so far between just sucking it up and getting another Britax Boulevard (they're on sale for $219 at AlbeeBaby) and getting the Graco My Ride 65. Both have great safety, both have high rear facing weight limits, the main difference is the Graco is $115, which is a lot nicer on my checkbook. Britax is the easiest car seat to install ever however, I don't know if that's worth $100.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pssst...look up there

Check out that handsome man up in my header?! I just wanna eat him up, nom nom nom!

There are more pictures on his blog (link also located on the right side) and I'm both too lazy and too busy to put them here as well.

Derek has bronchitis. Our wonderful sleeping angel has turned into a sleepy cranky coughing crawling creature that doesn't want to sleep. Ever. EVER. Again. Not for naps. Not for bedtime. This leads to Momma drinking lots of coffee after 2 nights straight of crazy interrupted sleep. He woke up a couple times last night and one time he just wanted to stand up in his crib and do nothing else. Then he decided to sit and play in there like Daddy was the crazy one acting all sleepy. Poor Daddy took night shift last night after Mommy had it Sunday night and Daddy isn't feeling good either. Enter caffeine overload and I have a serious headache. Yikes.

Hopefully Derek sleeps tonight. I guess this is retribution for having a wonderful sleeper from birth. It could be much.Much.MUCH worse. This I know. Thank you baby Jesus and we'll take these few days of interrupted sleep happily.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Since I'm an AW anyway

I'll post these on my blog too. Everyone should marvel at the cuteness.

One should know that it took the genius Jody to get that smile from him, and lots of effort from Momma behind her as well, because Derek was not a happy baby with his teeth coming in and it was misting outside and he didn't like it. I'm so proud of the little boy in these pictures, but he'll always be my baby! Even though I'll try my hardest to be BSC and turn him into a complete and utter Momma's boy, he's definitely my Momma's boy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tweet tweet

To twitter, twit, er, tweet or not? That is the question. I'm contemplating joining twitter but not sure I want to get into the obsession that it entails.

So...should I join or run for the hills and stay in my non twitter bubble?