Thursday, April 29, 2010

Darn hormones!

My teeth were peachy keen for the longest time, no problems just a slight overbite and a random tooth I had taken out. Then comes along the lovely hormones associated with pregnancy. Enter wisdom teeth due to hormones. Now my wisdom teeth are causing great pain and they need out, like yesterday if possible, but I can wait I guess. Either way, I'm just fine having them removed if it means getting smiles from this cute little bundle of sweetness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Infertility Sucks

National Infertility Awareness Week is this week. I bet you didn't know that infertility affects 1 in 8 people. Chances are pretty high that you know someone that is struggling with infertility.

I wish I didn't know that. I wish I didn't know people, plural, who are currently suffering. I wish I didn't know first hand that those 2 pink lines can end in heartbreak instead of joy. I wish it didn't take some couples years, and sometimes decades to conceive. I wish that nobody had to experience the grief of being told to "just relax" or that "things happen for a reason". I wish adoption was not such a high cost for those that are unable to conceive their own children and leaves them with the tough decision of whether or not they will extend their family.

If you know someone who is experiencing infertility, just be there for them. They need your support more than anything. From the words of someone much wiser than me who has unfortunately experienced infertility first hand, don't tell them to relax. Don't minimize the problem by telling them that at least they get to sleep late or travel. Don't say there are worse that could happen. Please please don't say maybe they aren't meant to be parents. Don't play doctor, they already know the problem and the options from actual doctors who hopefully know far more than you do. Just be there for them and remember them on Mother's Day, even if they don't have any living babies, like so many Mother's out there.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I want to screen in our back porch

Once it's cleaned off of course since it still has remnants of our complete master bedroom overhaul. Which isn't quite complete as we haven't purchased the king sized bed yet.

But I'd love to spend the summer days on the porch with the fam and just enjoy it minus the bugs. Yuck. It'd be great to fence in the whole backyard afterward so Derek can play back there too once he's more mobile and running around. These are things I'd love to do before June when we host his birthday party, but alas we'll see if it's possible as I have other ideas for the indoors as well. It's going to be a bunch of busy weekends working Christopher to death. I'm imagining the grumbling now as I tell him of the IKEA bookshelves I want him to put together for the living room. Hehe.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I don't think he could smile any bigger

This smile makes everything else worthwhile though. I absolutely love it and can't get enough. Derek is crawling around everywhere and we need to do a bit more baby proofing. The other night he went out of "safe area," his rubber mats in our room with all his toys and such, and as soon as he made it to the hardwoods he proceeded to drop his head. Hard. I thought he was never going to calm down. Silly boy. Yesterday he fell down while walking behind his toy and seems traumatized since he cries when you put him in front of it now. Poor thing. We have a busy few weekends ahead. We're traveling to visit family this weekend in Alabama and next weekend we're getting pro pictures taken (after I get my hair done again because it's in dire need of an update and I finish gathering our outfits) and then probably more organizing the living room Sunday. Spring has sprung and my allergies have gone on strike. They didn't affect me as quickly as they did Derek since he hasn't been able to breathe well for weeks, but in the past week I can't seem to breathe well at all and it's awful. Crazy pollen! I had some retail therapy and found some new shoes for summer, cute brown sandals. Love love love them. Can't wait for summer! Speaking of which, I need to get on the ball with planning Derek's bday since it's coming up so quickly. How did the past year pass so quickly? Where did my sweet little baby go? It's so bittersweet watching him grow up into a cute little toddler.
I think this might be the last time he'll be in his seat with his "babies". He's getting so big!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Need motivation...yesterday if possible

My house is complete train wreck. I've been known for exaggeration but this is no lie, it looks like a tornado went through and threw everything around. Seriously gross. My main problem is motivation. I have little none and can't seem to find any no matter how hard I try. I start cleaning up and then want to do something else, like take a walk outside because it's been gorgeous.
Well this weekend, I'm determined to find some from somewhere. Chris, my dad, and Chris's dad will be replacing the pipe this weekend so I plan to enlist the help of someone to help babysit my newly mobile adorable Derek while I clean house. Gah, I'm so not looking forward to it, but I'll feel so much better once it's done and I just need to suck it up and get it done.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Prayer in a frantic world

Happy Easter everyone!!

My life isn't what most would consider frantic. Especially when compared to Miss's frantic world. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do. She inspires me everyday to take a moment and breathe and pray. Everything else will fall in step after that, no matter how frantic.
I have found through the years, especially in the past couple years, that prayer is an absolutely necessity. There isn't a day when I don't pray; whether it's for myself, a friend, a coworker, family, a girl on my mommy board, a random stranger I follow on a blog, anyone or anything. Sometimes I just thank God for everything I have because all too often it's so easy to lose sight of everything I've been blessed with. No matter how crazy life gets or even how alone I sometimes feel in this big world, I can pray and know I'm not alone. I haven't been to church in a long time and would love to find a church that as a family we could attend on a regular basis. It'd mean waking up earlier on a weekend morning, which my husband won't be at all thrilled about (and secretly I'll be sad about) but I think it would be good for us.

Miss said it best
"After all, that is exactly what Jesus did the day he was going to be arrested,
put on trial, FLOGGED
and then die by suffocation while nailed upon a cross
and yet...he prayed
and so...I pray."