Monday, August 9, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

You have baby crack teething tablets, batteries, and baby fingernail clippers in the tiny side pocket of your purse. LOL.

This weekend was a brilliant mix of blissfully busy and sleeping in lazy.

Saturday we spent all day from breakfast to dinner out and about.
First stop - The Learning Express to see about some puzzles and blocks for Derek. Big fail. But he got a cool musical toy that will help teach him a better grip that he loves.
Second stop - Five Guys where we thoroughly enjoyed some burgers and Derek had his first Five Guys grilled cheese.
Fourth stop - Abbadabbas to see about some shoes for the hubs
Fifth stop - We then went to visit Ikea. I thought this would be fun and we could look at mattresses, because really you guys, we need a bigger bed. I failed to think that all the colleges were starting soon and that with it being 100+ degrees outside everyone might be hitting up Ikea to decorate their dorms and avoid the heat. Holy anxiety attack waiting to happen for Momma. Crowds and I, we're not friends. I think I whizzed through that place quicker than ever before. And I love me some Ikea. It was BAD.
Sixth stop - Still on the hunt for small wooden blocks for Derek. Fail. But he did get some of the cutest little big boy shoes. And Momma might have shed a tear that he isn't in the baby shoe section anymore.
Seventh stop - Toys R Us was our last chance rodeo search for blocks for Derek. Luckily we struck gold and finally found some small squares that were in a big set of wooden blocks.
Eighth stop - Exhausted and starving with a side of aching feet we stopped at Olive Garden where we all engulfed salad, breadsticks, and spaghetti. Yum yum!

Sunday was the exact opposite of Saturday. To recover, we fed Derek when he woke up early and the hubs and Derek went straight back to bed. I was wide awake but finally able to sleep again for about a half hour before Derek was back up. We played and watched tv and napped all day long. Grandma D and Papa came to pick up Derek to spend the night with them leaving Momma and the hubs to hit the sack early after watching Big Brother and some Sunday night football.

All in all, a great weekend!


  1. Weekend really sounds bliassful :) You have a big boy on your hands

  2. I had to laugh at the olive garden thing. Man I love that place and it soothes my soul and I think I could eat that salad every day and maybe all day. and maybe that stuff is mommy crack :)